FRC supports the Coalition to Save Annapolis

Sunday, July 21st: FRC members are encouraged to turn out for the City Council Meeting and Vote on Maritime Re-Zoning Ordinance 0-7-13 which would increase the limits on height and bulk for the Fawcetts Building next to the Fleet Reserve Club. The council meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 25th at 7:00 PM in City Council Chambers, City Hall, Second Floor, 160 Duke of Gloucester Street, Annapolis, Maryland, 21401.(directions)

Tuesday, June 25th: The Fleet Reserve Club of Annapolis hosted a press conference and rally to announce the Coalition to Save Annapolis. The Coalition is comprised of organizations, businesses and residents concerned about the potential negative effects of the City Dock Master Plan, and specifically the Annapolis City Council Ordinance O-7-13 which proposes to spot zone the Fawcett property adjacent to the FRC and to replace the traffic circle at City Dock with a "T" intersection.

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Coalition to Save Annapolis

Chairman's Message

To all of our members, please accept our most humble apologies for the situation of the air condition during the last few weeks, especially for that time when it was so hot. If you haven’t heard, the cause of the problem was a breakdown of the 20-ton AC unit that handles the bar area. We have signed a contract for a new unit to be put in, but it won’t be in by the boat shows. Just hope the weather cooperates and is not too hot or humid during this time. Speaking of something new, we have started a new lottery game called “The Queen of Hearts”. There is a board with 54 playing cards (a full deck plus two Jokers) displayed backwards on a large board and overlaid with a heavy plastic coating. Tickets cost five dollars ($5) each. Once two hundred tickets have been sold (we have already sold 146), we will hold a drawing every Saturday evening at 1830 (6:30 PM) at the club, and draw one ticket. The person with that ticket, if present, will select a card, cut the plastic and turn the card over. If that card is the Queen of Hearts, they win the Jackpot. If it is not, then they win a lessor prize of at least $50, depending on which card it is. You do not have to be present to win. If you are not there, the moderator will turn a ticket over for you and then you will be notified by phone. As the game progresses, until someone turns the Queen of Hearts over, tickets will continue to be sold and the Jackpot will continue to grow. Flyers with the instructions are available at the club and the manager will have tickets for sale. Come in and play the “Queen of Hearts”. The boat shows are happening this month, so enjoy. See you at the club.

Respectfully, Lew Bearden
Chairman, Board of Governors

Manager's Message

Don’t Forget! The Regular Club will be Closed for Boat Show and only open for Boat Show Hours for Food and Bar. Boat Show Menu Only. Only the Bar is Open After Show Hours Dates the Club will be CLOSED COMPLETELY: Oct 3,4,5 and Oct 11,12,17,18 Boat Show Dates: Oct 6-10 & Oct 13-16 CLUB PARKING & OFFSITE PARKING FOR VOLUNTEERS ONLY!

QUEEN OF HEARTS RAFFLE ON SALE NOW! $5 Per Chance! Ticket Stays in Until The End! Starting with 54 Cards to choose from if your name is pulled, Cash Prizes for each Card! Queen of Hearts wins Jackpot! Details at FRC

Sincerely, Brian Porter
General Manager