FRC Membership Information

Membership in the Fleet Reserve Club of Annapolis, Inc. is limited to, Associate Members (Veterans), Associate Members (Non-Veterans), Corporate Members and Ladies Auxiliary.   All members must provide proof of eligibility (Associate Member Veterans must provide a DD214).  Associate Members pay annual dues and are the lifeblood of the FRC.  Please note that Non-Veteran Membership is closed until further notice.

Member benefits include parking a vehicle with a current FRC sticker or FRA plates while on the club premises; use of club facilities (dining room, bar, meeting rooms); reciprocal membership with other Fleet Reserve Clubs for members who meet FRA eligibility requirements.

Associate Members, Veterans:

Veterans of any U.S. military service are eligible for membership in the Fleet Reserve Club as associate non-voting members.  These members may enjoy the use of all of the Fleet Reserve Club’s facilities and, in some cases, can serve as liaison on the Board of Governors of the Club.  Veteran Members must be sponsored by a “corporate” member.  See any member of the Board of Governors for additional details.

Midshipmen Associate Member:

Students in Service Academies or ROTC Programs are eligible to join the  Fleet Reserve Club (FRC) during their time in those programs.

Associate Members, Non-Veterans:

Non-Veteran membership is limited to 2.5% of total Club membership by IRS regulation.  Non-Veteran members must be sponsored by a (corporate) member.  Non-Veteran members enjoy the same privileges as Veteran Members.  Please note: This category is closed until further notice.

Corporate Members:

Corporate Members are FRA Branch 24 members that are active duty, retired or active reserve members of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard and have had enlisted time.  They are also referred to as the corporate body and do not pay annual dues to the FRC.

Note – Veterans, which is a new category of Branch Member, have use of the FRC for Branch/Unit events, but must join the FRC as Associate Members as described above to use it as a social club.

Branch- Associate Member:

Branch Associate Members are FRA Branch 24 members who are honorably discharged prior to completion of a military carrier. Like Corporate Members, Branch- Associate Members may sponsor certain close family members to become members of Auxiliary Unit 24. The FRC has established a program to transition all Branch-Associate Members to Corporate Status over the next several years.

 Auxiliary Members:

Only Ladies Auxiliary Members of the FRA, Unit 24 who are sponsored by retired, active duty or active reserve members of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard are automatically members of the Fleet Reserve Club.